Basics of How to Plan your Event

Planning an event may seem like a daunting task that requires a high level of organisational skills, amongst other things. Never fear, as long as you can plan ahead then you’re on your way. There are many different types of events from weddings, conferences to concerts and exhibitions. Maybe you just want to plan an awesome birthday party. Some of these events require a little more know-how, but here are some basic steps to follow to help you plan a perfect event.

Plan ahead

This is important; you must set goals and objectives for yourself. Ask yourself some relative questions such as why you want to organise this event and what outcome do you wish for.  This all depends on the type of event you are planning. Do you wish to produce revenue, launch a new product, promote a brand or organise a surprise birthday party. Make sure you know your budget limits, taking into account all aspects of the event. Set up a list of things you need to do, you can always refer to this list if you think you have forgotten something.

Events are a team effort

When planning something like a function or an event, it is impossible to do a great job without help. Get yourself a team of trusted and professional co-workers or friends to help out. Delegate responsibilities; appoint a person to deal with marketing and another to organise the catering and music. Working together as a team will produce the best results and will help to make the event a great success.

Event Design

Once you have come up with a plan and a budget for the event, the next step would be to fine tune the details. Do you want the event to be an intimate affair or is it a large scale function? How do you want the event to look, is there a theme to consider? Work out a plan of action to make sure that the venue and everything else reflects the theme. Working together with your team will provide a more diverse selection of ideas and solutions. Make sure to consider all aspects including logistics, marketing and financial management.

Setting a Date

Always give yourself enough time to plan. Even if it’s just a small birthday party, you need to make sure your venue is available and a host of other smaller details.  To get a group of people together on the same day can sometimes be a nightmare as their schedules are usually very busy. You will need to notify everybody well ahead of the time. For larger events make sure to take note of religious holidays and school holiday periods, when many people go away on holiday.

The Venue and Catering

This may be where you spend a tidy chunk of your money for an event. Take care to consider each venue, do you wish to have the event outside or do you need a large warehouse? There are also other costs you need to consider such as, electrical supply, will you need extra furniture and do they supply their own catering?  If you think this is too much to handle, you could just get a venue sourcing agency that will help to locate a venue for you and might even negotiate a better price for you.

The catering for an event can also have high costs like the venue. Many times you also get the most feedback on this, people commenting on the food and services. Many venues provide catering, but in the case of having an event elsewhere you need to consider such things as:

  • The chef and waiters
  • The Food
  • Kitchen space and equipment hire
  • Alcohol license


Start marketing and promoting your event or function as soon as possible. The type of event you are organising, your budget and target audience will all play a role in your marketing strategy. In today’s modern world, social marketing will play a big role in your campaign.

Having a well organised team and an event plan will go a long way in making the event day happen successfully. Even if challenges arrive, a skilled team should be able to handle it. 

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