Fun ways to present awards at Events

Award ceremonies are not usually associated with fun. It may be that you are receiving a prestigious award for all you hard work, but ceremonies can be long and drawn out affairs that lack the excitement it deserves. Think outside the box for your next award ceremony, you don’t have to stick to the same old routine. Here are a few fun ways to present awards that will help spice up any event.

The Venue

Instead of the usual hall or conference centre, why not have your ceremony somewhere unique. Think of places like:

  • Botanical gardens
  • Inside a wine cellar
  • Inside an art gallery
  • On the beach
  • An aquarium

Choosing a Theme

Choose something colourful to brighten things up or go more formal like the academy awards or Hollywood theme. Some more ideas:

  • Masquerades
  • Under the sea theme
  • Medieval or Victorian theme

You could hand out some props to each guest and some confetti to throw at the end of the ceremony. Decorate the tables and room so that it reflects the theme. Make it an award event they will never forget.

Providing a Host or MC

Getting a professional Host or MC who has experience can help to ensure that the function runs smoothly and makes sure everybody is happy. Try to hire someone who can tell a few jokes, ones that are tastefully done, can be a great way to help relax the guests. Getting everybody to laugh and have a good time is the aim of the evening. You don’t want guests looking at their watches, just waiting for the entire event to be over.

The Stage

Instead of just a bare stage with a few people standing on it to hand out the awards, try to add props and other décor to make it more visually pleasing. This will also make the photos taken more memorable.  Decorate the stage according to the theme you chose, this will give award winners a more unique and exciting experience onstage.

Keep to the schedule

There’s nothing more boring than long and drawn out speakers, especially if there are quite a few to get through. Keep each winner’s speech short, only one minute. They will have plenty of time during the event to talk to everybody.


On many occasions award ceremonies are drawn out affairs, so making sure your audience doesn’t go hungry is very important. Serve some snacks and finger food before the event to keep them going until the meal is served.


Paper certificates are nice, but to receive a fancy trophy just makes it mean a little more. During the ceremony think of adding some unusual awards, like a fun award for the ‘Best Dressed all year’. This is just another way to add humour to the event.

Let everybody have their say

Not everybody will receive an award, so give everybody a chance to have their say. Set up a corner with video equipment where guests can come and share their thoughts or congratulate one another. You can send the edited video out to all who attended the awards ceremony.

When it comes down to it, the ceremony is a lot more than a fancy centrepiece, it’s a way to show appreciation to those who work hard all year long to reach their goals. By creating a fun and memorable event and making sure each detail stands out, it will add up to something more than just a memory.

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