How to Choose the Perfect Games for Your Baby Shower:

How to Choose the Perfect Games for Your Baby Shower:

In my many years of experiencing in organising baby showers, I would suggest that you incorporate a couple of games, unless the mom to be is adamant she doesn’t want them.  The reason I say this is that you need to bear in mind that maybe some of the guests don’t know anyone only the mom to be and this way it breaks the ice

However saying this think about the following, every group at a baby shower is different. Some are family only, some are for friends, some are for church groups, co-workers, or friends of the grandmother-to-be. And some are for everybody (including the men).

So, you need to think of the specific group of people that will be invited to the baby shower. Are they close friends? Do you want a boisterous atmosphere? Or more of a relaxed, formal atmosphere?

Now, with these people in mind, let’s choose the perfect games for your baby shower from the list we offer, there is something for everyone.  Now, the games that are played at a baby shower are meant to be fun and good natured, and most women understand that. Also don’t forget to include some prizes for the guests that win, they don’t have to be expensive just a fun giveaways.  We offer a range of Prizes see the list and pricing at the bottom of this page

All our Games Packs come with everything you will need to execute the game from the instructions, to the pencils, to the string to the Baby Bottles.  Each pack is sold in multiples of 5 per pack meaning

  • Baby Bingo – Always a fun game to play, you call out the names and the first person to complete the board wins a prize
  • Baby A-Z – this is a fun one; think your hip to everything there is for a baby?  Play this game and find out if you can put an item to each letter of the alphabet
  • Baby Showe What’s in the Jar –this game is alot of fun and great to see what other guests answer are as to what’s in the jar
  • Baby Shower Nursery Rhymes – Finish each of the sentences to make a nursery rhyme, this will test how well you know your nursery rhymes
  • Baby Shower Word Search – Search the letters to find the words
  • Baby Shower Price is Right – this is a funny game to see if you know the price of baby shower items
  • Baby Shower Purse Game – this is a great general game that is fun for all guests, each guest gets a sheet with points on and they go through their bags and tick off all the items in the bag and add up the points the person with the most points wins
  • Who Knows mommy best – this is a fun game for all to try and answer all the questions about the mom to be
  • Celebrity Name Game – this is a hip game for those who know their celebrities – match the name of the baby to the celebrity couple
  • International Baby Shower  – this game is about how well you know your languages – match the country to the foreign word for baby
  • Name Tags with a difference – each guests get a name tag when they arrive, but these aren’t ordinary names tags i.e. Dirty Nappy, therefore every time guests are chatting they may not call the person by their real name but rather the name on the tag, if they mistakenly call them by their real name they lose a baby pin from their bangle and must give it to the person they called the wrong name, the person with the most baby pins at the end of the baby shower wins the prize
  • Stand Up, Sit Down – this is one the mom to be does, she has a list she reads out and if the guests have something on the list they sit down, the last person standing wins the prize
  • Baby Drinking Game – yes just like the traditional drinking games this one is for Baby Showers – split the guests up into team and then give them each a bottle filled with either juice or flavoured milk and the one who finishes the bottle the fastest wins
  • Baby Shower Baby Animal Game – how well do you know the baby name for each of the animals
  • How Big is Mommy’s Tummy – this is fun as each guest must guess with a piece of ribbon how big the mom’s to be tummy is

And don’t forget our Bumper Pack that includes 4 of the best baby shower games in one pack


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