Cape Town is a beautiful city, a place where you can experience it all. The city offers views of majestic mountains, Table Mountain standing out as one of the world’s seven wonders. Then we have the Atlantic ocean  and the  Indian Oceans that meet at Cape Agulhas, which is located about three hours from Cape Town.

Cape Town also has some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world, some earning the prestigious Blue Flag status. Only a few minutes out of Cape Town and will find yourself in the winelands with fantastic views of the vineyards. Here you can enjoy some world famous wines and admire the cape Dutch Homesteads. You can enjoy a sundowner by the beach or hike up Lion’s Head during a full moon, there is so much about Cape Town that makes it special.

Some of the best food and restaurants can be found in Cape Town.  Artisan food markets, a variety of coffee shops and gourmet restaurants. From Indian to Chinese and of course traditional South African fair, Cape Town has something of everything. You can enjoy a boerewors roll by the beach or sip wine and eat cheese platters at some of the world’s best wine farms.

Cape Town activities include anything from lazing in the sun on the beach to climbing Table Mountain. You can get your adrenaline rush by hiking, abseiling or paragliding off signal hill. Picnic at the famous Kirstenbosch gardens or enjoy one of their many concerts they host on a regular basis. Cape Town offers a number of five star accommodations from hotels to quant bed and breakfast guesthouses. Relax and rejuvenate in one of the many spas found in Cape Town.

The city has had many countries influencing the architecture from English, Dutch and Portuguese settlers to the French and German refugees. The town squares and many other buildings and places in Cape Town offer visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to admire the European architectural style. The Castle of Good Hope is a good example and is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. The building is a great example of a ‘star fort’, built by the Dutch East Indian Company in the years of 1666 to 1679.

The city of Cape Town is also home to the seat of Parliament and acts as the legislative capital of South Africa. There are plenty first class museums, art galleries which include, the South African National Gallery that you can visit. You could even pop into the South African Library with its variety of activities and resources available.

The weather and climate in Cape Town is also special, with dry, warm summers and mild cold wet winters.  Everybody is out and about, crowding the beaches and enjoying sundowners in the summer months. Unlike some other areas in South Africa, Cape Town doesn’t experience the energy sapping humidity. Spring is also a thing to behold as the area falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom, where you can find a variety of plant species including fynbos. Witness the blooming fields of flowers about two hours from the city of Cape Town, in the West Coast National Park.