The people of Durban are very honoured and proud with their City and all its varied societies, traditions and customs. Durban has a boundless amount of exciting and enjoyable facts that make it so very appealing to local or overseas visitors.      

In 1497 Durban City was founded by the explorers from the western world. On Christmas day a man by the name of Vasco da Gama founded the City of Durban and called it Rio de Natal. He did this because Christmas translated in Portuguese means Natal.  However the City of Durban’s full name is Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal.  In 1824 the British occupied the whole of the Durban region. At that time the colony was referred to as Port Natal, but in 1835 they renamed the area as Durban City. This originated from the Cape Colonies Governor whose name was Sir Benjamin D’Urban.

The City of Durban boasts the largest population of Indians outside the country of India itself. They brought with them their incredible love for food. One of their favourite dishes is a hit by all that try it, the dish known as “Bunny Chow”.  This delicious food offering consists of a full loaf of bread cut in half; the bread is hollowed out and then filled with their recipe of mutton curry.

The Durban Port is regarded as one of the most active ports in the Southern Hemisphere. In order to make full use of its capacity, the mouth of the harbour was expanded to allow the major super tankers of the world access to its facilities.  There are many fun and interesting activities Durban has to offer. In the City of Durban you will find the “Ushaka Marine World” which is regarded as the fifth largest aquarium in the world. The location of the aquarium is found at the end of Durban’s renowned “Golden Mile”, which is one of Durban’s beaches starting at the “Blue Lagoon” and ending at the Ushaka Aquarium.

The City of Durban played a major role in the Soccer World Cup in 2010 by hosting the semi-final and various other games. The City built the stadium for the world cup and called it “Mabhida Stadium” after one of its freedom fighters. The stadium has a capacity to seat 70,000 spectators and is also equipped with a “Sky Car” that can take viewers to the top of the stadium and provides a 360ᵒ view of the City. It also has the world’s biggest swing 220 meters above the stadium ground, for the adrenaline seekers.

There are various animal migrations taking place worldwide every year and Durban has one of the world’s largest animal migrations taking place. This migration is known as the “Sardine Run” where large amounts of sardines migrate up the coast, passing Durban on the way. It is a sight to be seen as these migrating fish also attract a huge number of other fish like sharks, dolphins and whales. You will also be able to find a large variety of birdlife who also follow the sardines.