Some Summer Party Tips

First off is our DIY a donut station and so first off you’re going to need to choose some toppings that you want to have at your donut station that people can put on their donuts so i chose these mini m&m’s, some sprinkles and then some cinnamon toast crunch, you can have as many toppings as you like or you can even have gummy worms or candy then you’re going to need some icing sugar in order to make the glaze so that our topping stick so I was taking a few tablespoons of icing sugar and then you’re just going to pour in a little bit of water or milk and stir it up with a spoon and the icing sugar will just dissolve into it.

If you need to add a little bit more icing sugar if it gets too watery you can and just want to get a nice thick glaze so that people can dress their donuts and then you could also make colored icing.

I like to put in a few drops of food coloring to make a purple one and then i’m also going to make a pink one so you can make whatever kind of color icing is that you like and then I was taking a some plain doughnuts that i bought at the grocery store and then i lay them out on a plate so that the people can grab them.   I think it just makes a really cool kind of mountain of donuts so that people can just go ahead and put the glaze the doughnut put their toppings and make them look all fun and pretty and there’s your station .

Next we are going to make a DIY colorful pineapple so for this obviously you are going to need a pineapple and you’re also going to need some paint and the color of your choice. All you need to do is to start painting and the leaves of your pineapple your paint color and the great thing about this is that it doesn’t actually get on the fruit so don’t worry about that .

You can just go ahead and use a foam brush . You can use a paint brush and just paint the leaves your pineapple in any color you like you will have it this really awesome and easy party decor.


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