Team Building Activities

There are different types of team building games available for the corporate executives, but the question is why do they need a team building exercise program? The fact of the matter is that as more employees are getting stressed by increasing work pressure, the tide is changing. For employees the thought of resignation is no more a long “pros and con procedure”, it is just a split-second decision.

With the increasing dissatisfaction, and low rate of retention, most organizations are looking at corporate games and activities as a source of keeping their employees happy and satisfied. Some of the primary causes of resignations include lower salary, no hikes, no perks, no promotions, long working hours, working environment not healthy etc. In such a scenario, stimulating corporate team building activities can do a lot of good.

If organizations inculcate a work culture where team building exercise and games are made a necessity, then the work-force will never be bored and there will be far less unrest and resignations. Although most team building games can be played within the premises of an organization, but some activities can be done outdoors also. One of the most stimulating corporate team building activities includes water sports and adventure sports. Even beach volleyball is being a good team building exercise.

The main reason being that occasionally when you take your team outdoors or to a destination outside the city for trekking or any other activity, it takes their mind off from work. Relaxation is a necessity for increasing productivity and performance. So, team building games in the outdoors yield better results for the organizations than an indoor team building exercise program.

There are many professionals who provide customized team building exercise programs as well as an existing list of corporate games and activities to choose from. These professionals have the experience of organizing, managing and handling outdoor as well as indoor activities for mid-sized and large corporate groups. Some of them offer camping tours in the wilderness including a team building exercise program in a lush tropical forest surrounding. There is a saying that when you are closer to nature, your mind, body and soul opens and hence you can learn and ingrain more.

One of the most popular team building games is tug-of-war. Although it is a competitive game where there is a winning team and a losing team, yet it is fun-filled and a good learning exercise. A small game of tug-of-war can help individuals work as a team and support each other. All survival exercises are also great team building games that can help a group of individuals to put the team ahead of themselves. Strategies, survival techniques, scientific knowledge etc play an important part in this game. Everyone has his or her own strategy but the most logical or viable one is accepted by the team because it is a question of survival. At the end of the day, a stimulating team building exercise like survival techniques creates a strong bond between members of a team and that is what organizations need.

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